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John D McMickle

John McMickle lives in Chevy Chase, Maryland.  Educated at the University of Tennessee and the Washington College of Law at American University, he is a co-founder of  the government relations advisory firm North South Government Strategies in Washington, DC. He was previously a partner at an international law firm and a Counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

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The Block

In the year 2050, the world has experienced a near total economic collapse, destroying  the global monetary system. After years of struggle, a new form of exchange arose:

cryptocurrencies called scripts, digital IOUs centrally managed through programs called blockchains. And the ambitious Proctors, who control the blocks, restlessly seek to expand their power.

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The Block posits a plausible dystopian future where the world has recently recovered from an economic collapse. Milt Bruckner, the reluctant hero, begins his quest to discover the fate of “script,” cryptocurrency that has vanished from the supposedly unchangeable blockchain that stores the records for all “script.” Along the way, Milt encounters conspiracies, double agents and a trained killer sent to stop his investigation. The Block is filled with plot twists and unexpected revelations that will hook the reader. The Block is a great read and will not disappoint.
Review by Terri Stewart

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