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What Makes Up Good Detective Fiction Stories.

Our brain constantly needs something to get it running, so detective stories serve as a puzzle for our brain. When we read detective stories, we get an instinct that we are involved in a mystery, and honestly, this is a good kind of adventure; you don’t have to get up from your bed. What else do you need? All of us, at some point in our lives after watching Sherlock and his skills, wanted to be a detective, but sooner or later we got the idea that the work isn’t as easy as it looks but we always have an alternative to read about it because something that can’t be achieved can be felt and when you read detective stories you start feeling yourself in the story.

There are many books that have detective stories, but not all of them can be enjoyed on the same level. Only a good detective book can make you feel like you are actually in the story. The plot and the setting have to be so accurate that even if it is a fictional story, you start feeling as if you are reading a real-life story. Here are some of the things that make a detective novel even better.

  1. Plot

A good detective story needs a plot that will keep the reader hooked on the story. In a detective novel, a good plot refers to not telling much so that the whole mystery gets solved and not telling so less that the reader does not develop any curiosity. There should always be a level of curiosity in the reader when they are reading a mystery or detective novel.

  • Problem

Detective novels are all about coming across certain problems and making efforts to get to the root of the problem and fix it. Your book should have a mind-boggling problem which will make the reader think of the solutions. Your problem should be so convincing that they think there is no way out of this, and you can also add some false clues and expose them later; this will keep your audience entertained.

  • A good Ending

Sometimes authors end the story, but they forget to put an end to the problem that was mentioned; this leaves the reader frustrated because all along, they had waited for everything to open up, and when they can’t find convincing endings, it makes the whole novel irrelevant for them. Another thing that is hated by the readers is abrupt endings. You should always make sure your book goes in flow and there is no sudden ending as it leaves many questions in the reader’s mind.

If you want to read a good detective novel that has the addition of all of these elements perfectly, then you can read the book The Block by John McMickle. The book shares the story of the world in 2050 after the economic collapse and the introduction of cryptocurrency as the medium of exchange in the world. The main character of the novel counters the frauds that come with using blockchain.

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